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Well darn it! This is not what I was hoping for the Fall of 2020 Flag Football Season! I have spent a lot of time trying to create the best possible fun and safe experience for your children, while operating within the rules put in place by the State of Michigan. I started this Flag Football League 19 years ago and have been coaching youth sports and enrichment programs for over 30 years.  This is by far the most challenging environment of any season.


I want to make it clear up front that in order to have a safe and full season the rules of the league will be enforced with no exceptions. If your child is unable or unwilling to adhere to the strict set of rules outlined below, please do not sign up this season.

Participation in this program, unlike regular school, is completely voluntary.  We are merely making this activity available, but of course it is up to the parents/guardians of children to determine if they want their children to participate. 



Special Rules for Fall 2020


Divisions. 3rd-8th grade divisions only.

Team Registration Only
 (no individual registration). Registration of players will be allowed by team only. Coaches will handle registration and payment for the entire team. Individuals wishing to participate, but who are not part of a team can be added to a waitlist and possibly be assigned to a team with both the parents’ and coaches’ permissions.  There are NO guarantees or promises that every child will be placed.  No fees will be charged until a participant is placed on a team. I am anticipating that we will need more coaches, so please volunteer if you are available.

No Spectators. Spectators, including parents, cannot be accommodated due to the order limiting outdoor gatherings to a maximum of 100 people and to keep logistical order. We have 8 teams of up to 10 players each plus two coaches per team as well as referees and some program administrators. The 100-person limit will be reached by participants. Parents will drop off and pick up their children in the parking lot.  The two coaches will have responsibility for the players on their team.  We will prepare documents for the parents to give such permission and for the coaches to take responsibility. I know this is a sacrifice. However, the first and foremost priority is getting as many players on the field as possible.


Temperature Checks.  Every player will receive a temperature check in the parking lot prior to entering the fields. Any player with a temperature over 100.0 degrees at check in will need to immediately leave the premises. The coaches will be responsible for checking in their players. The league will be responsible for checking in staff and referees.

Masks Must be Worn at all Times
.  All players/coaches/refs/staff must wear masks at all times while on the premises including during practices and games. Noncompliance could lead to the removal of the participant and cancellation of games. This is for the safety of your child, as well as others.  If a child is unable to wear a mask, we are sorry, but for safety reasons, no participation can be allowed.

Length of Season and Scheduling of Games.
 The season will run from Sept. 26 - Nov.8 (7 weeks). Coaches will schedule games based on team availability and preference. We will determine opponents and the teams will schedule the game at the time that works for both teams based on options available. I have combined the Birmingham and Bloomfield leagues so games may be on either Saturdays or Sundays. Games may be at Bloomfield Hills Lahser on Saturdays between 10-4pm and/or Birmingham Seaholm on Sunday's between 12-6pm. Each scheduled event will consist of a one-hour practice followed by a one-hour game on the turf fields.  Events will be scheduled such that there will be an extra 15 minutes to clear the field, leave the parking lot, and have new teams enter the field to avoid as much overlap as possible. We will switch out footballs after each game.

 Each team will consist of two coaches and 8 to 10 players.

. The season cost will be $1750 per team. This includes a $450 non-refundable administrative fee. Because a considerable amount of our expenses and time are incurred prior to the first day of the season, please understand that this truly is non-refundable even if the full season is cancelled or individual games are cancelled for any reason. If the league is required to cease operation prior to all seven weeks being complete, refunds (excluding the non-refundable fee just mentioned) will be prorated. Jerseys are NOT included this year. Teams will supply their own shirts/jerseys or pay an additional $25 per player for an NFL Jersey.

 If any player, coach or referee on your child's team or opposing team tests positive for Covid, your child will be unable to participate in the following week’s practice/game. For example, Team A plays Team B in week 1. A player on team A has a positive Covid result during the week following week 1’s game. All coaches and players on team A, plus all coaches and players on Team B cannot play in week 2. As long as there are no symptoms, or further positive Covid tests, players and coaches will return for week 3. Participants will not be refunded for any missed games. There will be NO make-up games. 

Phew! Congratulations for reading to the end. I know the rules are stringent and there are a lot of them. However, I felt it was really important to be as clear as possible about expectations and safety planning for the Fall Football season. My staff and I will be working hard between now and Sept. 26 to get everything ready to welcome your players out on the fields once again!


Coach Genevieve


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