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Do you play Baseball, Soccer or Lacrosse?
Be a multi-sport athlete & try Flag Football too!

Minimal Commitment + Flexible Schedules = Cross Training!

  1. Health benefits: Football improves both your physical strength and cardiovascular health. improves the techniques of speed, strength, and stamina. And it also engages motor skills, such as hand and eye coordination.

  2. Teamwork: Flag football teaches kids accountability, leadership, and sportsmanship.Every position has a purpose and to execute a play, each individual needs to fulfill their role, and work together—This is valuable both ON and OFF the field.

  3. Discipline: Learning skills, repetitive drills, and executing proper technique take a high level of discipline—and football players do it time and time again. Each practice is laying the foundation for a strong work ethic that kids will use throughout their lives. This is one of the biggest benefits of football. 
  4. Mental toughness: Whether it’s making a mistake on the field or coming back after a loss, setbacks will happen. And in Flag Football players learn how to persevere. It provides many opportunities to improve mental toughness, from remaining calm under pressure to focusing during plays.
  5. Socialization: Football teaches kids how to communicate and work well with others. They rely on each other—what a better way to make long-lasting friendships? Along with learning to respect and receive direction from their coaches, children receive a range of socialization skills.

  6. No Contact: Flag football is a non-contact sport! There’s no tackling, diving, blocking, screening, or fumbles allowed. Players are not required to wear helmets or shoulder pads. which creates a friendly atmosphere where kids can learn how to play and develop skills without the aspect of physical contact.
  7. Accessibility: Flag football is an incredibly inclusive sport for both boys and girls, and it opens the doors to players of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  8. Learn the fundamentals: The basics taught in flag football directly transfer to tackle, including catching, throwing, formations, routes, and defensive skills.

  9. Easy commitment: Our league meets only once per week, so families can happily squeeze flag football into their packed schedules. Typically, teams practice for 1 hour before their game, and then the game itself is usually an hour.
  10. It’s fun!: Flag football is tons of fun. Teams are small and games are quick and competitive. AND...The whole family can participate by either coaching or cheering from the sidelines!


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